XBMC 21-11-2005 (T3CH)

Nouvelle version de XBMC, issue des CVS et compilée par T3CH.

Cette compile T3CH est un package barebone (logiquement moins de problèmes pouvant provoquer un blocage). Vous trouverez ci-dessous le changelog depuis la dernière version du 14 novembre :

Citation :

– 21-11-2005 added: you can now specify where to store playlists. they are now separated in video and music sections.
– 21-11-2005 fixed: delete in my video title view renamed to remove title to avoid confusion. also removed a file-level operation (rename file) from the title view context menu.
– 21-11-2005 fixed: somehow a hack for dvd menu’s was removed from the dvdplayer. Added it back again
– 21-11-2005 added: New multiimage control. A mini slideshow control.
– 19-11-2005 added: you can now use relative paths in combination with $HOME in xboxmediacenter.xml. hi to jjsmither. WARNING: REMEMBER THAT $HOME IS Q:\ BY DEFAULT, NOT THE ACTUAL XBMC DIRECTORY PATH.
– 18-11-2005 updated: Spanish language file (Thnx to jose_t)
– 18-11-2005 updated: Norwegian language file (Thnx to vnm)
– 18-11-2005 updated: Korean language file (Thnx to AkoXko)
– 18-11-2005 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
– 18-11-2005 updated: German language file
– 18-11-2005 updated: French language file (Thnx to flymaster)
– 18-11-2005 updated: Finnish language file (Thnx to jutski)
– 18-11-2005 updated: Danish language file (Thnx to hugener)
– 18-11-2005 updated: Chinese (Traditional) language file (Thnx to omenpica)
– 18-11-2005 cleanup: Removed some code duplication of the the delete/rename code in Pictures/Video/Music.
– 17-11-2005 fixed: Location of the video preview window was incorrectly calibrated.
– 16-11-2005 changed: sf bug #1301380 System info – Wrong HDD Key info! Removed until the detection is rewrote! [GeminiServer]
– 16-11-2005 fixed: sf bug #1348614: ftp client: opening/copying folders with .”dot” should work again! [GeminiServer]
– 16-11-2005 added: sf patch #1348694 F and G partition support to FEH [GeminiServer]
– 15-11-2005 added: Skin Theme Support: [GeminiServer]
Skin Themes, simply loading different Texture.xpr files from the current selected skin! To create new Themes, just add. a new MyThemaRed.xpr to the \Skin\SkinName\media\*.*,which contained Theme referenced pictures!
You can also use more Themes and the shared files [picutes] can be in root of \media, which will be used if they are not in the defined theme!
also new is to define the default used Theme in skin.xml textures, here you can define the simple XPR name! e.g. “My Theme Red.xpr” theme name is “My Theme Red”!
All themes will be detected Automaticly, and can be selected true Settings – Appearance – Skin Theme! If there is no Theme defined, the default’s will be used!
– 15-11-2005 added: sf patch #1350866 modified playselected() python function
– 15-11-2005 added: sf patch #1350867 new position() python function